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Zhongshan this year the foreign trade statistics, if a target can be increased by 10%, enough to become the bright spot; if they can reach 20%, then as a "miracle" also is not too much. City shoes Export One is a miracle. Reporter learned yesterday from Shanhaiguan, from January to June this year the city exported 480 million U.S. dollars of goods and footwear, compared with the same period last year (the same below) increased 24.6%.

Statistics show the city the first half of the export processing trade reached 450 million U.S. dollars of footwear products, a substantial increase of 25.8%, accounting for 95.4% of the city's total footwear exports, higher than the province's processing trade, 15 percent; and general exports only 020 million U.S. dollars, a slight increase of 2.4%. Foreign-invested enterprises are the leading footwear exports, total exports of 320 million U.S. dollars, up 26%, representing the city's total export value of footwear in recent Qi Cheng; private enterprises also doing well, exports 150 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 22%.

Another set of data is even more gratifying. Dimensional credit crisis in the deep recession of the U.S. export economy, the shoes still maintained a high growth rate of 20.5%; on Hong Kong's exports surge 62.8% more. The same period, Zhongshan total exports in these two places were reduced by 0.2% and was up 2.1%. Why

Zhongshan footwear exports slump in foreign trade situation very big step forward? Shanhaiguan relevant person in charge of analysis, one is a large shoe factory Zhongshan more regular clients, and mainly in the OEM production, raw material prices pressures are undertaken mainly by the brand, but brands has greatly improved the finished product cost, so to maintain the export growth. According to statistics, in the first half Zhongshan Bao Yuan footwear, through good Shoes The new shoe and Yan Bao? Footwear four major footwear companies exported 230 million U.S. dollars, accounting for the city 45.8% of the total value of footwear exports. On the other hand is the shoe Zhongshan shift gradually to higher value-added products, not the pursuit of exports, but exports to the value changes. Volume terms, exports during the first half I was 048 million pairs of footwear, an increase of only 6.7%; but worth watching, but to reach 450 million U.S. dollars, a substantial increase of 27.5%.

In Shanhaiguan leader also pointed out the existence of the hidden city of footwear exports. First, the proportion of processing trade is too large, not fully formed their own brands. Exports buck the trend growth in the first half, mainly to benefit from the export processing trade OEM shoes substantial growth, but weak export performance in general trade. "This fully shows that development of its own brand of footwear, Zhongshan not done enough in this respect and there is a big gap between shoe manufacturers in Fujian, Zhongshan footwear for adverse long-term development." Second, excessive reliance on export markets, the United States, Hong Kong and the European Union accounted for three of the city's export value of shoe exports more than Jiucheng, "highly concentrated market is not conducive to reducing risk, if the United States or the EU market crashed and burned, Zhongshan footwear exports could be devastating blow." The charge said.
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Zhongshan Shoes Contrarian Create Miracles Selling Overseas Trade - Shoes, Export, Zhongshan Shoes -

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Zhongshan Shoes Contrarian Create Miracles Selling Overseas Trade - Shoes, Export, Zhongshan Shoes -

This article was published on 2010/12/29