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Increased traffic, orders increased, more diversified export market, which is the general feeling of furniture exhibitors.

However, the good there is also a variety of hidden dangers, such as wooden furniture for the "Lacey Act" (2008 revised) in April 2010 will be formally implemented. How to seize the opportunities the global economy recovers, and effectively circumvent the national trade barriers, to become Fair exhibitors have to face problems.

Passenger traffic increased business optimism

Fair 2 B visited the area of the furniture business, this reporter clearly felt that exhibitors optimistic. "Spring Fair crowd is very rare the last day, clients do not receive a business card, and now can be received at least a day over 15." Exhibitors Shun Tak Nga Chi Furniture Co., Ltd. Ms. Lin told reporters that, obviously, they felt this The number of buyers a lot more than the Spring Fair, and a marked increase in European and American merchants. Miss Lin is estimated that the overall feel of the final business transactions over the previous Spring Fair and Autumn Fair last year, much better.

Zhida Furniture Export stakeholders Zhi-Xiong Zhang, said the past few days to come to booth exhibitors consultation, to discuss cooperation of customers is very large, on-site orders there are also many old customers. He said that the understanding of the show a lot of new customers, "the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, there."

Customer-owned enterprises price cuts grab

Although the passenger flow of overseas buyers increased significantly, but many exhibitors reflects customers orders are still very cautious, but the size of a corresponding reduced orders.

In order to grab more customers, there is the Buddha exhibition enterprises by way of lower prices to attract orders. Shunde Long Ridge Wood Exhibitor is responsible for Von Ka Sin, Ellen, said the overall pricing of their products reduced by about 10%, hoping to attract more attention and orders. She said that, in order to get more in trade show orders, business enterprises have the confidence to let customers, it is necessary to maintain the normal operation of scale through lower prices to attract more orders at the same time, but also to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise .

During the interview, the reporter found that although the price cuts as the Long Ridge for the direct orders of the enterprises with less looting. However, profits of export orders and how to balance between the issues, many companies have expressed considerable degree of flexibility, "according to the size of different markets and orders, the price can be discussed."

Measures to defuse the crisis over the export

A profound crisis in the export business model change and development concepts. Fung Ka Sin, Ellen said that in order to enhance the scale of export, the company in addition to maintaining export markets outside the Middle East last year, began to actively explore, including Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, and Panama, including the South American market. "With the upgrading of the economic level of these countries, as well as an increase in per capita income and its market potential is enormous."

In addition, the previously simple to do the export of Long Ridge wood, this year the development of the eyes to the huge domestic market, their sales networks in Changsha, Shanghai, Beijing and other developed cities to begin construction. Fung Ka Sin, Ellen said that the two markets both at home and abroad, not only enables enterprises to speed up the pace of development, but also greatly reduces the impact of the export decline to the company.

Zhi-Xiong Zhang mentioned that, at present the basic coverage Zhida furniture exports in key markets worldwide, in order to meet different market needs, the enterprise's products in the design process, taking into account the different market position: Europe and the United States high-end market, product design and quality to fashion, environmental protection; Middle East, Asia and other markets, while ensuring the quality of products at the same time, pay more attention to product cost.

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Furniture Export Industry In More Than One

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This article was published on 2010/10/11